To Someone Going Through A Hard Time

Hey you.

How are you feeling today? I know you’ve felt confused these past days. You don’t understand why you are acting strange lately. Your head is full of things you can’t control. You feel like crying yet you don’t want others to see it. There are days like this that you just can’t hide it anymore. These are the days when you feel like things aren’t working out the way you expect it to be.

I know this day is difficult. You are thinking about a lot of things. You are wishing things to happen yet you know that the timing is being playful to you right now. No matter how hard you try and plan things out, if time doesn’t permit it, it will never happen.

Take things easy and focus on your dreams and things that matter most to you. Love yourself more than anyone else. Treat yourself the way your partner treats you. Stay happy with your family and friends. Appreciate the people around you and believe that you mean something to them. You have to see things the way they are. You have to accept everything and just go with the flow.

Maybe you’re just tired right now. Maybe you need some fresh air and some goodnight’s sleep. Take time to read the way you always do. Don’t forget to listen to your favorite audio-books to keep those motivations. Please try to move…do some dancing again and some jumping. Maybe you just need some rest and a little push to get you back on your feet again.

Now it is getting late. I know you are still thinking but you also need to rest. You have a whole day tomorrow to check and reflect on yourself. Please find a balance between your life and work. Try to control your emotions and do think rationally. This is an ordinary day. You are not just an ordinary girl. You are a strong and empowered woman. Trust yourself and the process. Give it time and be patient. Everything you ask for will be given to you in due time. Just believe it, keep the faith, and let things be.


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