Is Waiting For The Right Person Worth It?

“We don’t need to rush things. If something’s bound to happen, it will happen… In the RIGHT time with the RIGHT person and with the BEST REASON.”

Waiting can be tiring and frustrating especially when you are longing for the right person. It sometimes felt like its gonna take forever and will never happen. You feel like you will never meet this man or your soulmate. But, trust me, it will happen to you. 

The right person will eventually come to you when you least expect it. He will say hello to you the moment you are comfortable and happy being alone. 

Sometimes, waiting can be tricky. You must know when you should wait and not to wait for the person. There are several reasons I listed for you to consider. Take time to read it and reflect on it with your current situation. We all have different experiences, different stories when it comes to waiting and finding love.

The right person is worth waiting if he shows he’s interest and sincere feelings towards you. He will show how much he cares and adores you. He will give time and show efforts to get to know you better. He’ll find time to meet your friends and your family. He will not make up excuses not to see you and will continuously check on you. He will confess his feelings not only by words but through his actions. 

He isn’t worth waiting if he only shows up on your first date. If this man doesn’t put time and effort to know more about you, there’s no reason for you to wait. If this man only talks about himself to showoff and never ask questions about you, you have to run away. If he doesn’t get your phone number, and just call and text you via WhatsApp, Viber, or messenger, let him go.

The right person is worth waiting if he chooses you over his work and his friends. He will not make excuses not to see you because he’s too tied up with work and working for his dreams. He will not prioritize the night party and clubbing with his friends over you. He will find a balance in his busy life and find ways just to be with you. He will let you know when he’s busy making sure you aren’t waiting for long hours. He will let you know when he’s invited by his friends to hang out and will never trade you for clubbing. He will take inspiration from you to work towards his goal, and will find time so that the two of you can spend it together.

He isn’t worth waiting if he cancels your date all the time. Inform you that he’s not coming because he needs to finish something in the office. If the guy makes you worry, keep you guessing and making you wait during dates, then, let him go. No matter how busy he is, if you’re important, he’ll drop everything just to be with you. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, drives to the airport and picks you up at 2 AM, you know how special you are to this man.

The right person is worth waiting for when he is trustworthy. If you can sense that this person is dependable, reliable and can be trusted with anything, then, he’s worth waiting. You will build a relationship with this person someday and having that trust and confidence will make things easier for both of you. You will enjoy each other’s company and feel the security and confidence even if you are away from each other. Trust is essential in a relationship. Having a partner who is consistent with his words and actions is something that you should look into.

He isn’t worth waiting if he pretends to be someone he’s not just to impress you. You can easily see his inconsistencies in his words and character. Sometimes, people wear different masks just to get along with other people. No matter how hard they try, it will still show on their eyes, and soon enough you will see their true colors. Arguments and worst situations reveal their poor self-esteem which will eventually cause more harm in your future relationship. Be wise enough to walk away to two-faced men.

He is worth waiting for if he can make you happy. He will try his best to make you laugh and comfort you when you are sad. He will support you with whatever you want to achieve and stay beside you especially in those darkest hours. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, it is not always rainbows and butterflies. You will always have those bad days. So, if your man tries hard to joke around, has a sense of humor, and can make you laugh and smile, he’s worth waiting.

He isn’t worth waiting if he only shares happy moments with you. If he hates confrontation and he’s being difficult to talk to, you have to let go. I had an ex before who avoids these kinds of talks. He avoids the discussion and doesn’t like the idea when I open things up especially when I’m seeing something wrong with our relationship. It’s really difficult to deal with this kind of person. Your partner should be someone you depend on when you are at your weakest. He should lift you and support you all the way. A relationship should have two individuals who feel happy, comfortable, and open about each other.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to be in a relationship. Good things take time, and require a lot of patience. When you find your special someone, you want it to mean something. You want it to feel different for once. You can screw something up forever by rushing into it. Go slow in a relationship. The faster you go, the faster it will end.”


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