Why Is It Important To Pursue Your Passion?

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

People can be passionate about a lot of things. Either it can be hobbies that they take part in. It can be art and music that they love doing. Some people are passionate about dancing that makes them groove for happiness and energy. Some love sharing their knowledge with other people and some are generous enough to share their blessings to the needy. Some people are passionate about creating wonderful pieces of inventions that make living comfortable and efficient.

If you are not sure how to find your passion, you can close your eyes and visualize what’s making you happy and excited. Try to remember what you love doing when you were still young. What are the things that you wish to pursue and continue working on? What is it that you want to achieve or get into if you don’t have your current job right now?

Sometimes, you can seek help from your family and your friends. You can ask for their advice since they are the people who know you well. You have to explore the things that you hate doing, the things that you love doing, and the things that express your true qualities. You have to ask questions to yourself in order to discover and awaken your hidden passions in life.

I may not be good at writing, but, it makes me express everything that I feel. I love the beauty of flowers, cities, and nature that made me love traveling and enjoy photography. I have colleagues who dance every day and do covers of their favorite songs. I have friends who are passionate about fashion that made them stylish and creative to clothing. He even created his own fashion blog site, attended fashion week, and share beautiful photographs of models on his site.

Doing what you love makes the work you do effortlessly. When you have a passion for what you do, everything seems easy and exciting. It puts a smile on your face and makes your energy high. It makes you determine to achieve something that will make you happy. It challenges your weakness and motivates you to be better.

Passion will help you focus on the things that matters and will lead you to live a happy life with a purpose. A purpose to help yourself, a purpose to help others, a purpose of learning and growing, and a purpose that will create a positive impact beyond yourself.


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