Dear old friend, how are you?
I wish those memories aren’t so blue
What really happened that day?
Say a word… and make everything stay.

Bet you are wondering
How decade can tear us apart
We used to be rhyming and shining
A sun in a sky, a masterpiece work of art.

Heard you went to our hometown
Finding your light as life made you realize
Turn back the time, we should apologize
Stop the regrets, let our misery get drown

I remember seeing your happy eyes
For me, those eyes never tell lies
You’re the friend I always treasure
Its dept and truthfulness can never measure

I miss those days with you
Never knew what mistakes and words could do
Can’t get things back together
Our season has changed, it will never be better.

Maybe a miracle could find our way
Hope and luck might help us stay
Mistaken love turns us colder
Our summer fun is now over.


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